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Over the last ten years I've helped tons of people use ozone to control mold and mycotoxins in a variety of residential and commercial applications. The first thing you need to know is that mold is an extremely serious issue. And the responsiblity to provide real, honest, accurate information to those suffering from mold problems is one that I do not take lightly. Review the information provided on this page for an overview of how buyers use our MaxBlaster ozone machines to help control mold. Contact me to discuss your specific situation and gain an insiders view of how to use ozone against mold.

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Mold is an extremely serious issue that should not be taken lightly. Although mold applications make up a large percentage of our business, we must stress that ozone is often only one part of the overall mold remediation process. We do not guarantee that you will be able to kill all the mold in your property by running one of our machines for a treatment or two. In fact, for proper mold remediation we recommend you consult with a professional prior to using our machines. With that said, the following recommendations should be considered our opinions and not professional guidance.

Ozone does not take the place of other mold remediation efforts:

In order to properly kill mold, you must first stop the source of the moisture/mold problem. This may require significant work to the foundation of your property. If there is existing mold growing on walls you must remove it prior to using ozone. Ozone will not automatically make mold disappear. After stopping the source of moisture/mold the property should be dried out and prepared for the ozone application process. Dehumidifiers can greatly benefit the overall process in many mold related applications. Running an ozone machine, even for several hours and multiple treatments, is not guaranteed to kill all the mold. Ozone is most effective at stopping the remaining mold spores in the air after proper mold remediation efforts are complete.

Ozone may be used to control the symptoms of mold:

Many of those who seek to use ozone for mold are unable to stop the source of the mold itself. For various reasons, they are unable to perform the full-scale mold remediation process. This does not mean that ozone cannot be used in a beneficial manner. In the event you cannot complete all the steps of a professional mold remediation process, you can still use ozone on a periodic basis to at least minimize or control the symptoms. For example, you can use your ozone machine(s) to get the air in your property to a clean level, then perform routine “maintenance” treatments to keep the symptoms of mold under control. For more information see section (B7) Refresh Treatments and/or contact us for advice.

Ozone may benefit those with hypersensitivities to mycotoxins:

Many of our customers suffer from unique sensitivities to mold that result in a wide range of physical reactions when they are exposed to even slight amounts of mold. Not all people respond to mold the same. For example, a husband may suffer from extreme reactions when exposed to mold in a home while the wife experience little to none of the same reactions. This variance is enough to cause serious personal and familial challenges. From our experience, ozone can be used in a beneficial manner to control and/or eliminate the reactions experienced by those who are sensitive to mold. For best results, follow the operation instructions explained in this guide as closely as possible. Be sure to follow the steps described for performing refresh (short) treatments on a continual basis. Contact us for further advice and guidance.

Product recommendation:

Given the serious nature of mold we recommend taking the approach of over-doing it instead of trying to find the least expensive way to manage or control a mold problem. For most applications related to mold, we recommend our PRO-G Edition MaxBlaster. For professional strength applications and/or for those who want the ability to control mold in an entire home on a continual basis we recommend taking advantage of our quantity discounts.  For example, a three-pack of MaxBlaster PRO-G Edition machines is an ideal choice for those seeking to control mold on a continuous basis in an average sized home (1500-2000sqft).


Due to the severe nature and potential health risks of mold we cannot guarantee complete neutralization of all mold spores in your property. Please consult with a professional mold remediator in your local area prior to and during your ozone treatment to ensure optimal results. While ozone is considered part of the solution by many experts it does not take the place of other remediation efforts including cleaning, removal, and extermination of the mold source itself. Although many commercial contractors use our machines as a primary tool in their mold remediation protocols we are not certified mold experts so please take our advice as an honest opinion only. This should be understandable to most people however if you have any questions about using ozone to fight mold please contact Greg.





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